A requested re-post from 2017

At Christmas We Didn’t:

Use credit cards…we had Christmas Clubs and didn’t spend more than what we’d saved.

Have Elf on the Shelf…we had mom with eyes in the back of her head.

Buy Cookies ready to bake or pre-sliced…we baked from scratch from recipes handed down for generations.

Use Pre-addressed, pre-labeled, pre-stamped Christmas cards…we carefully chose just the right one, wrote them all out by hand and licked (!) the envelopes. The Christmas stamps we also carefully chose and then we put them in the blue mailbox on the sidewalk.

Have a pickle hanging on the Christmas tree…we had pickled herring, beets and eggs in jars!

Need to buy decorations for the tree…except for lights, the tree stand and the tinsel used year after year, we used what we had or made or were given to us as gifts.

Display themed trees…we had every ornament ever received or made by hand proudly displayed.

Go to many parties…we anticipated the annual Christmas pageant at church, the Christmas Concert at school and the town’s Christmas parade Thanksgiving weekend.

Always buy gifts…many were handmade, hand sewn or home baked.

Send email thank-you’s…if we couldn’t hug a person, shake their hand or give them a peck on the cheek for a gift received…we sat down and wrote a note, in our own handwriting and mailed it to them before the end of Christmas vacation.

Make wish lists on Amazon but rather from the Sears Wish Book for every toy imaginable…but we also donated saved quarters cheerfully to buy shoes for children in an orphanage and bags of sugar for their kitchen pantry.

Show up to the candlelight service at church or to Christmas Eve dinner in dirty jeans, sweatshirts or our “comfy” clothes…we dressed up for the special occasion celebrating Christ’s birth.

Know what a peppermint pig was…instead we made pigs of ourselves eating every candy cane we could sneak off the tree and ribbon candy from the crystal dish on the coffee table.

Know about New Year’s crackers that popped when you pulled the ends to reveal prizes inside…we had Ritz crackers sprayed with Chee Whiz and popped in our mouths until we were sick.

Want the joy of the Holidays to end…and I still don’t…so let’s you and I do all we can to radiate the joy of Christ all year long and pray for peace on earth, goodwill to men.

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