It’s Coronacation Time

No idea how to keep the kids occupied next week and after during their Coronacation other than watch TV and play video games? I made a list of what I did when we were kids and TV was limited to Saturday morning cartoons and there was no internet. And, since you may be thinking since I have no kids at home any longer and don’t know what I’m talking about, I do. Believe me I do. We had blizzards where our 4 kids were home for days on end. We had childhood illnesses (including Scarlet fever!) where we were under quarantine for a week or more while things went through everyone in the house. We also had a school shut down for an extra week while they cleaned out mold. And we had limited funds with no summer vacations but instead stay-cations where we got creative, real creative. So, here are some ideas and as long as Covid-19 stays clear of my immediate circle of family and friends, I plan on helping with my grandchildren and friend’s children as much as possible in the coming weeks.

#1 PLAY OUTSIDE – Pack a picnic lunch and your hand wipes and head to the hills, park, beach. Just remember the nature centers and playgrounds at these places are probably closed. At home, Fly a kite (make one!), play Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, Line Soccer, Hide ‘n Seek, Kick the Can, Wiffle ball.

# 2 STAGE A PLAY – Act out one you know or write one, create the scenery, props and the costumes.

#3 ARTS & CRAFTS – Draw, Paint, Color, Cut, Paste, Sew, Knit, Crochet, Weave, Sculpt. Out of white paper? Use newspaper, colored paper, wrapping paper. Weave personalized paper placemats. Make Easter Cards to actually mail if you have stamps. Look up recipes on the internet and make papier-mâché masks, or sculpt using salt dough clay.

#4 COOK & BAKE – Look to see what ingredients you have. Many online sites allow you to put in what ingredients you have and they’ll tell you what you can make. Ask neighbors if they have something you don’t and then share! From a distance of course! Have a fun competition baking the same thing or each cooking a different version using the same food.

#5 PLAY SCHOOL – Yes, let a child be the teacher and do actual lessons. A little each day will help them from falling behind. This is a great time to work on something our child has been struggling with. Correct each other’s work. Read out loud. Write a story, Illustrate the story or act it out.

#6 PLAY BOARD GAMES. Or two, or three or even create your own board game.

#7 PLAN A SCAVENGER HUNT – In the house or outside. Hide items, make a map, time limit or not, search until all items are found with a special reward at the end. Maybe the winner picks the movie to watch.

#8 BUILD SOMETHING – Got a junk drawer in the kitchen or garage of scrap wood, screws, nails, other findings? With supervision let the kids learn how an adjustable wrench works and the rest of the tools too. Well, maybe not the circular saw.

#9 READ, READ, READ – big books, little books & picture books. Read to them, have them read to you.

#10 MANUAL LABOR – Do your Spring cleaning now! Inside: Top to bottom, including switch plates, baseboards, appliances, light fixtures, drawer knobs, door handles, windows, blinds, draperies, nook & crannies. Outside rake up winter’s debris, pick up sticks, clean gutters, clean out window wells, prune vines and berry plants, start turning over soil in garden plots.

If I come up with any other good ideas or if you need recipes and ideas, let me know. I’ll help where I can!

Love, Tanta

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