When sixty sounds like sexy and I’m not feeling it…

I turned 60 this month. Sixty, 6-0, 6 decades, 6×10, LX or seksti in Norwegian. It’s a big number, a milestone birthday, a momentous occasion for sure. Still, it’s just a number.

As 2019 ended and I thought forward a month or so to my “big” birthday I shared one of my childhood dreams with my husband. I always wanted to ice skate at the rink in Rockefeller Center. I’d watched Peggy Fleming skate to Gold in the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, France. Like many girls my age, I pretended often that I was her skating on the ponds near my childhood home. The only difference? I wore hand-me-down skates and clothes and couldn’t afford skating lessons.

So, 52 years later I skated on the Rockefeller Rink on my 60th birthday with a friend while my husband took photos from above. For a full hour we skated, me carefully at first due to past foot and knee sugeries, then with more confidence as my joints warmed up. We met another woman skating to celebrate her birthday that day too, she was turning 40. Her friend was a bit hesitant as she’d had ACL surgery. She told me I was an encouragement to her! That made me smile. 60 was sounding pretty cool.

The day was a warm one and I was sweating within the first 20 minutes. My moves were a bit stilted and my ankles protesting by the 1/2 hour point but I was proud that I’d made it to the rink. I was thankful for a friend who would share a golden hour with me on the ice and for a husband who helped me fulfill a dream. 60 was feeling pretty good!

And admit it, you thought I meant I wasn’t feeling sexy didn’t you?

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