Guy Stuff

img_20161122_100024365Does your husband leave one of these piles in the corner of your bedroom? Or like my nephew on the floor of his bathroom? This was a daily battle in mine until I decided to let it go.

From day to day the pile changes, color, size and shape but it’s there, always. On this particular day there were 3 separate categories pictured

On the floor are two pair of jeans and a T-shirt. All used for some outdoor cement work.

On the left side is a faded yellow chamois shirt ripping at the elbows. just at its prime softness now. It was worn to take the chill off after waking in the a.m., and worn a bit during that cement work until  his body temp rose.

Draped over the middle back of the chair is a newer green chamois shirt worn once when going out in public. Laying atop it is a navy shirt worn 2 minutes until it was decided it was not right on that particular day so left there to be put away later.

The chair holding it all is an antique which I snapped up during a bulk trash safari and then spent big bucks on to re-upholster a few years back. I suppose I could have just used the clothing to hide the old tattered fabric.

One of the reasons I don’t nag about this anymore is the sweet man who can leave a pile like this regularly is also the guy who just watched a sappy Christmas movie with me. To thank him I turned on Jay Leno’s Garage for an hour of guy stuff.

And please don’t tell him, but sometimes I gather it all up, run it through the washer and dryer and place it all back where I found it.

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