Sunday Afternoons

I’m watching NFL football. I’ve enjoyed it this year even though the New England Patriots aren’t going to be in the Super Bowl. I think I’m enjoying it because each year I’m learning to slow down a bit more and relax. Sunday afternoons are good for that.

But first, there’s waking up at 7am and getting Sunday dinner prep done. A baked ham put in the oven to cook nice and slow. Don’t you love coming home to smell something wonderful? 6 eggs hard boiled and chilled down to dice up as a topping for the salad. Brownies baked and frozen earlier in the week thawed for Brownie Sundaes for dessert. That done, time to shower.

Next we leave to be at church by 9am to set-up during Sunday School for Fellowship Hour which follows worship. 12 years ago when we started attending Trinity Baptist in New Haven, 20-35 would come down for a cup of coffee following the service. Now? Anywhere from 75-100 grab a cup of coffee or tea, a snack and greet friends they haven’t seen all week and meet new ones too. Our church is growing rapidly and it takes a lot of volunteers each month to keep everyone caffeinated and fed! What a joy to see the body of Christ growing and becoming a family.

After worship, during Fellowship Hour we say hello to friends and make a point to greet at least one new person or couple. Don’t you agree there is nothing worse than being the newbie and standing alone, hesitant, looking around thinking, “They all know each other” and wondering if you should just slink along the wall and leave before anyone comes over and actually speaks to you? A handshake with a sincere introduction coupled with a hearty greeting such as, “Hello, happy to have you here,” goes a long way to someone who is seeking community. I always think of Zacchaeus up in the tree, trying to see Jesus and then being spoken to, “Hey Zach! C’mon down from there for I’m going to your house today!” I’ll bet Zacchaeus almost fell out of the tree in shock.

We get home in time to prevent the ham from burning, get the salad fixin’s arranged and enjoyed the meal. Today it was just 6 of us, it can be upwards of 15 other weeks. Since our children were born we have always made Sunday’s the Lord’s day. We’ve comitted to it being a time to be together, with family and to make room at the table for more when that works out too. 6 other days are filled with school, work, meetings, activities, household duties, shopping, phone calls and more. The least we can do and the best we can do is give a day to the Lord and be thankful for all the blessings he has given us. We chose to not go to kid’s birthday parties on Sundays unless the whole family was invited. We never went until after Sunday School and worship and we are thankful we “stuck to our guns” so to speak. It kept us focused on what/who was important and kept at least me sane.

eBrownie sundaes and a fresh brewed cup of hot coffee followed by a game of laser tag in the woods and a short hike to look for antlers was followed by some crafting and a board game. It’s fun to watch an almost 7 year old get the gist of a game and begin to actually compete. Little ones began to tire so after hugs and kisses headed hom. The older folk were a tad tired too and the kitchen needed cleaning.

So, finally I sat. And, friends from Florida called. So nice to hear real voices and not just messages through texts and emails. And Kansas City just beat the Houston Texans and are only 1 game away from being in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years! Yikes. Because I remember when they were the talked about team!

Now where’s my crochet hook? Okay, so resting for me is different than resting for you. But there’s another football game on and it’s still Sunday!

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