In the Middle of the Muddle

In the middle of the muddle,

I wallowed in a puddle

And called on the name of the Lord!


“Help me!” I cried,

“I’m drowning in sin,

Please open the door and let me come in.”


The Lord answered quickly, the Lord answered fast,

“Just knock…and you’ll enter.”

But I couldn’t get past.

The sack on my back was too fat and too wide,

Bulging with burdens I carried with pride.


He said, “Leave them behind, and let them go at the door

Or you’ll weaken and fail till you fall on the floor.”

“To me you will come, empty and dry, ready to feast and to thirst

For My Word from on high.”


I was so tired and so weary,

My mind hurt so much

And I finally realized His words were as such.

I dropped my sack, cancelled my pride

And humbled myself as I staggered inside.


He met me right there, His arms stretched out wide,

“I’ve been waiting for you,” He said with a grin.

“I’m glad that you’ve come, now let us begin.”


As He wiped at a tear, making trails down my cheek,

I said, “I’m so sorry,” in a voice very meek.


His arms circled me tighter,

And His love warmed me to the bone,

I rested my head on His shoulder and he said,

“My Child, Welcome Home.”

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